“PHI believes that every woman, with her own unique taste and body shape, should have the opportunity to express her personality through her clothing”


Philine van Zinnicq Bergmann

Atelier PHI was founded by Philine van Zinnicq Bergmann as she felt that the fashion industry was ready for taking sustainable fashion to the next level. The origin of Atelier PHI goes back to the time Phi lived in China in 2013. At the tailor market in Shanghai Phi co-creating her own clothing. A feeling of excitement and freedom arised when going through the creation process and fitting her first tailor-made dress. During factory visits and traveling through China, Phi experienced the environmental and social consequences of the current fast fashion industry. This has made Phi realize the disconnect between the ‘Maker’ and ‘Buyer’ and it’s enormous impact. By reducing this physical and emotional distance between the buyer and maker, the positive impact of every buy will be directly visible. Atelier PHI makes this possible.  Phi’s goal is to stimulate better consumer choices for the people and planet, without compromising on style, fit or quality. Change the world by changing the way you spend your money. After gaining professional marketing experience at a consumer-goods multinational, Phi felt it was time to take action on her dream to start Atelier PHI, where social, environmental and economic impact is balanced. Mainly by creating opportunities for former refugees to work in their area of talents and experience. By presenting their craftsmanship in Atelier PHI, Phi would like to share where they are capable of and who they are.


Fares Al Khalif

Fares is a craftsman originally from Raqqa, Syria, and lives 2,5 years in the Netherlands. He gained professional experience at different high fashion brands, like Zuhair Murad in Beiroet, Libanon. At Atelier PHI he is focused on creating new designs and patterns as he is passioned about fashion design.

Mostafa Alhaj

Mostafa also comes from Aleppo, Syria and lives more than a year in the Netherlands. Mostafa started working in an atelier when he was 13 years old, so he has become a real pro on the sewing machine. At Atelier PHI he makes sure that every customer will be 100% satisfied with her personalized clothing item.

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