Tailored clothing that last a lifetime

PHI’s mission is to bring a new dimension to the industry by making clothing personal. PHI believes that every woman, with her own unique taste and body shape, should have the opportunity to express her personality through her clothing. PHI creates one of kind clothing giving women the feeling of uniqueness.

The clothing have minimalistic and timeless designs which can be tailored to every body shape. The designs have beautiful details, like the neckline or cuff, which give an extra touch of subtle femininity. The style could be described as modern chic. However, this is versatile: by tailoring there is an opportunity to adjust to your own personal style.

“The clothing have minimalistic and timeless designs which can be tailored to every body shape”

In the Atelier you will be guided through the ‘creation process’ of your unique item. Together with the maker you will first decide what design fits you best. You could choose the type of fabric, color, neckline, sleeves, trousers and/or cuff. When the basics are set, you have the opportunity to choose the “toppings”, like color of yarn, zipper, buttons etc.. As soon as you have been measured, the maker will create your piece for you.

Creation Process

Experience the craftsmanship of clothing

But there is more: PHI would like women getting to know the story behind their new clothing. By showing where and how their desired clothes are being made. And more importantly, to connect with the maker responsible for their designs. Our tailors and seamstresses have great craftsmanship, gained from their previous years of their hometowns in Syria. They are newcomers (former refugees) to Amsterdam who are open minded, highly dedicated and passionate about fashion. Being valued and rewarded for their talents and experience gives these newcomers hope, empowerment and independence in creating a new future in the Netherlands

Minimal environmental impact

As all clothing will be locally designed, created and sold at one location (in Atelier PHI), global transports (and thus CO2 emissions) are being avoided.
PHI aims to use as much as possible certified sustainable fabrics and materials from existing clothes (“upcycling”), and in such a way PHI minimizes the impact on the environment.

Triple Win


Perfect fit to your taste and body shape. Experience where, how and by who your clothing is made.


Hope, empowerment and independence for former refugees. Getting to know Dutch locals and culture in practice


Locally designed created and sold. Use of sustainable fabrics. low carbon footprint