Atelier PHI

_ your partner to build and develop your brand



_ high quality products created by our professional tailors 

_ local production in Amsterdam enables personal contact and no transportation time

_ low minimum order quantities

_ creating social impact as with your assignment you create work opportunities for former refugees

 Existing partners

Do you want to know more?
Please contact Philine via
or call (0031) 6 47 003372


Creating a sample of your design is a necessary step in the clothing production process. Based on your provided pattern, we create a sample for you. Or we can develop the pattern for you.
With a sample you are able to test the fit and size of your piece of clothing, the shape, the way your fabrics drape. After the creation of the sample we evaluate together and improve until it’s ready for production.


Would you like to create a special edition or collection? Or are you a starting  our fashion label and you want to create your first items?
Atelier PHI is able to produce your items or collection for you. We create women’s, men’s en children’s wear, with our expertise in women’s clothing. All clothes are cut, stitched and finished by hand and undergo quality control in every step in the proces to ensure the highest standards. You can provide your own fabrics or we can source them for you.

Do you want to know more?
Please contact Philine via or
call (0031) 6 47 003372